Australian Glass Install (AGI) was selected as the facade install contractor for Kingswood Aluminium & Construction Glazing; for the glazing & curtain wall glass installation on the Health Innovation Building Project.

Kingswood Aluminium – 10,425 sqm of Curtain Wall Façade

Construction Glazing – 650 sqm of ground floor glazing

AGI was specifically selected for this task, due to our ability to tackle a complicated design with our equipment and project management systems.

AGI worked very closely with Kingswood Aluminium to determine the install methodology to give us the best opportunity on site to manage and handle the large panels, fitted with Sunshades and Fins.

This was project was completed incident free, on time and at a very high quality standard. AGI has a number of strong business systems, managing safety, schedule performance and quality. Our QA systems ensured that quality was maintained at a very high standard.