Load 28 crane hire was engaged by our client Commercial & General to undertake the lifting and install of KayneMaile Screens to their Angas Street Project.

This would be the largest screen of this type ever installed in Australia in one lift.

The largest screen measured 50 metres long and 20 metres high. (1000 sqm)

Load 28 worked extensively with the client to plan the lift, by undertaking many consultation meetings with the client; to work out the lifting and bolting method required.

Using lift planning software, Load 28 calculated the lift requirements, calculating the crane position and rigging method. Safe Work Method statements were reviewed and control measures implemented to manage the risk.

Using a scaffold platform, Load 28 assembled all the steel sections and secured the screen in a position to lift.

The day prior to the lift, we prepared all the spreader bars needed to lift the screen evenly.

On the day of the lift, we completed a prestart meeting with all crew, clearly identifying roles and responsibilities to ensure a smooth lift controlled lift.

The lift and install was completed very successfully, with the screen lifted and installed in one day.

We had quite an audience on the day with our client and representation from Kaynemaile (New Zealand company) in attendance to watch.

Our client was very happy with the result, and it was quite amazing to watch the sheer size of this screen being hoisted into position.

We completed a video of this work to highlight the activity required to make this a successful project. Please watch this video in conjunction with this submission.