After our recent Helicopter job, a few asked me… are you buying a chopper! 

And I replied… one day, it’s on my vision board.

I noticed a few people lately asking me about vision boards, so I thought I would comment on this.

My vision board is a place where I put all my aspirations and dreams, and I know damn well that as soon as it goes on the vision board…. Its gonna happen!!!

Because in my mind these images are statements and affirmations of my goals, my mind responds well to them, and when it goes on this board… it’s destined to happen.

Dreams inspire me, motivate me… these dreams tap into my spirit, and I fire up! When your goal is a dream, something that you have a deep burning desire for.. nothing will stop you or keep you from going after it.

My Hotrod is a good example of this, named Sheer Tenacity. It was my dream for years… it held a spot on my vision board for a long time.

So here is another example of my dream, and vision board photo.

I love helicopters, I love the mechanics of this type of flight… and when I stare in the cockpit I dream about learning every button, dial and toggle switch. 

One day I will turn the dream into reality…. it’s on my vision board, so it’s destined to happen.

Dream big . Set goals . Get better… and never give up.