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Load 28, Australian Glass Install & Limitless Facades

Specialists in limited access crane hire, structural steel installations, facade elements & commercial glazing throughout South Australia & Victoria.


All types of Crane Hire

Load 28 is well experienced, innovative crane hire company specialising in all areas of load management


Glass installation specialists

Load 28 is uniquely experienced in the lifting and installation of large residential & Commerical glass panels. We carry huge range of vacuum lifting equipment.


Lift planning software & site inspections

In line with our motto.. plan the work, work the plan. Load 28 supports a number of software programs to promote good planning.

Load 28 – Crane & Access Specialists

Company Profile

The Load 28 team and equipment is well recognized within the industry as specialists in limited access crane hire, structural installations, facade elements and commercial glazing installations.

Load 28 has invested in cutting edge technologies, and equipment specifically designed for these applications.

Load 28 equipment consists of: 

  • 2.9 Ton Mini Crawler Cranes – equipped with a fixed head remote glass Glass Handler
  • 10 & 20 Ton Tadano City Crane 
  • 25 Ton Tidd Pick & Carry Crane
  • 28 Ton Tidd Pick & Carry Crane
  • 40 & 50 Ton All Terrain Cranes (40 metres of reach) 
  • 70 Ton Leibherr All Terrain Crane (66 metres of reach) 
  • 95 Ton Leibherr All Terrain Crane 
  • 130 Ton Leibherr All Terrain Crane
  • Tower Cranes 

Australian Glass Install – Glass Handling Specialists

Company Profile

Our Glass handling capability allows us to lift over 1 ton in glass panel, and our equipment consists of: 

  • 1,000 kg Robotic Glass Handler
  • 800 kg Glass Handler 
  • 650 kg Robotic Glass Handler 
  • 640 kg Glass Handler mounted with spread bars for large panels
  • 320 kg Glass Handler
  • Glass Stillages and Glass Manipulators 

Safety is our first priority at Load 28. We have a number of safety systems and process, some of these are: 

  • All our cranes are maintained and serviced in accordance with the Australian Standards and Crane Safe Assessment. 
  • SWMS (Safe Work Method Statements) are prepared on all tasks. 
  • Comprehensive lift planning using computer modelling on all lifts to ensure safety and efficiency. 
  • Detailed Safety Management Plan continuously reviewed as we work towards third party OH&S Accreditation. 

Limitless Facades

Company Profile

Limitless Facades is our glass installation project company based in Melbourne Victoria. Our team from South Australia travel to Victoria and are currently completing several multistorey large scale installation projects.

Our Team

Just like our innovative equipment, our Team are also specialists in their field. Our staff are full time, highly trained and continuously updating their qualifications to provide ongoing high level service to the industry.

Our senior team members are: 

Managing Director

Marcus Rigney

Expertise: Project Lift Planning, Construction Project Management, Facade & Structural Steel Project management & consultancy.

Role: Marcus oversees the business and regularly consults to a number of Tier 1 & 2 construction companies for project efficiency.

Crane Manager/Coordinator

Tom Rigney

Expertise: Tower Crane & Mobile Crane Supervision, lift planning and project co-ordination. 

Role: Tom is your first customer contact in the business, and will co-ordinate your project to a very high standard. Tom manages his fleet and team to ensure a high quality level of service at all times.

Crane Co-ordinator

Luke Haynes

Expertise: Tower Crane & Mobile Crane Supervision, lift planning and Crane and Transport co-ordination.

Role: Luke is our leading onsite Crane Coordinator ensuring your project is handled efficiently and to high standards. Luke brings years of experience coordinating Cranes and Transport and will manage your project with our team of Crane Operators and Riggers from initial enquiry to completion.

Business Development Manager

George Protopsaltis

Expertise: 30 years in the industry, Crane Supervision, lift planning

Role: George spends a lot of time travelling between projects, seeking new business opportunities and ensuring they are delivered to high industry standards.

Senior Crane Operator

Aaron Shephard

Expertise: Rigging and Crane Operations

Role: Ensuring that our equipment is maintained to the highest standard, Aaron is responsible for maintaining our fleet and working with the team to continually train and innovate.

AGI Project Manager

Shannon Royal

Expertise: Project Management

Role: Shannon manages our Tier 1 projects in SA, ensuring compliance to Safety, Schedule and Budget.

Recently completed projects: Melbourne Conservatorium of Music / SCAPE 99

AGI Supervisor

Matt Cook

Expertise: Australian Glass Install Project HSEQ Supervisor

Role: Matt co-ordinates our Tier 1 projects, ensure compliance to Safety, Schedule and Budget.

Recently completed projects: Adelaide Medical Nurses & Science Building / Health Innovation Building / UCITY

AGI Supervisor

Expertise: Australian Glass Install Project Supervisor

Role: Taking more of a hands on approach, Luke ensures the team our achieving good efficiency on each project.

Recently completed projects: SkyCity / GPO

Crane Admin/Coordinator

Nikki Schwarz

Expertise: Road & Council Access, traffic co-ordination & safety compliance.

Role: Nikki keeps us in check! Whilst managing all the administration,including invoicing, she also ensures all our compliance paperwork is maintained to the highest standard.

Behind this leadership team, sits a very important group of people which are our Accounts team, Project Supervisors and Crane Operators and Riggers.  We simply don’t have a big enough web page to fit them all in!

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