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Australian Glass Install Services

Load 28’s Glass Handling Product Technology

What We Do


Specialised Lifting Equipment

Unique vacuum lifting technology, with remote control robotic glass handlers from 300kg to 1000kg.


Partnered With Our Innovative Crane Access Equipment

Our robotic glass handling equipment couple with our Mini Crawler cranes, ensures we are prepared for any glass installation project.


Leading Innovation In The Field

Innovation is key to our success, take a look at our Robotic Glass Handler Ballast Beam. Designed and built in house, and a innovation award winner!

Taking Glass Installation To The Next Level

Load 28 is leading the field by being experts in both crane access, and glass handling, meaning you have the experts on the job for all aspects of the project. 

They are focussed on ensuring that the best technology is used for lifting large form glass panels. 

Load 28 utilises two types of Glass handling equipment for our installations. Key safety points for both our Remote Glass Handling Unit and Dual Vacuum lifters are:

Remote Glass Handler GL- CC777600

  • 2 Independent vacuum circuits with both 4 and 8 pads.
  • Each vacuum circuit with a dual safety system and integrated reserve vacuum.
  • Integrated gauge for monitoring vacuum and power status.
  • Optical and acoustic alarms signal deviation of set conditions.
  • Independent power supply mounted on crane arm to supply vacuum unit with power supply.

Dual Vacuum Channel Lifter

Load 28 uses the channel lifter in applications of tight areas. Using the channel lifter within the SWL of one lifter, offers a dual vacuum pump and circuit benefits.

  • Alongside our safety glass handling systems we also adopt secondary preventative fall measures, using specific glass holders and strapping methods as a backup system.

Latest Projects

d’Arenberg Cube

d’Arenberg Cube

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